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It shouldn’t take long to cancel a Google Fiber account.
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  • You can cancel your Google Fiber account quickly if you want to switch from the internet service provider.
  • Google Fiber is a supplier of FTTP (fiber to the premises) broadband internet, VoIP phone, and internet protocol television.
  • Google Fiber is currently available in 18 markets across the US.
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Currently, Google Fiber is offered in 18 cities and provides internet service, TV streaming, and phone plans. 

Plan costs vary by region, but for a 1,000 Mbps (also known as a megabit per second) download speed, you can expect to pay around $70 a month. For download speeds ranging up from 100 Mbps, plans start generally start at $50 a month.

Those speeds are quite impressive, and are priced quite competitively – in fact, some in the industry think Google Fiber is more about challenging larger FTTP providers into improving their own services (which would make Google’s other products faster and more efficient) than it is about becoming a huge fiber optic network.

If you still want to cancel Google Fiber despite the decent pricing and high speeds, ideally you’ll make that decision before the installation takes place. And if that’s the case, the process is easy. 

How to cancel your Google Fiber service

1. Log into your Google Fiber account, then click the «Manage Profile» link.

2. On your profile page, find the «Cancel Fiber Service» link and click it. Then click «Confirm» to follow through on the cancellation. 

If you don’t see a «Cancel Fiber Service» option or if you already have the service installed, you need to contact Fiber’s customer service department and take care of the process directly.

How to cancel Google Fiber
The customer service number for residential clients is 866-777-7550.
Steven John/Business Insider

You can get in touch with Fiber customer service via phone, text, email, live chat, fax, or even snail mail.

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