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Muhammed Selim Korkutata / Anadolu Agency
  • Elon Musk's Twitter usage has increased since he bought the company, based on an Insider analysis of his feed.
  • 73.5% of Musk's Twitter actions since the purchase have been replies.
  • Musk has tweeted, retweeted, or replied on average once per hour since buying Twitter.

Elon Musk has a reputation for being incredibly active on Twitter. That hasn't changed since he bought the company.

Musk completed his $44 billion purchase of the social-media platform on October 27, and in the time since, he's only increased his usage on the site he now owns.

Insider took a look through Musk's Twitter feed to compare how often he's tweeted in his three weeks as Twitter owner (October 27 through November 16), compared to the 21 days leading up to the purchase (October 6 through October 26).

The chart below shows that his total Twitter actions since the acquisition appear to exceed his total actions in the weeks before. (We counted tweets, replies, and retweets, and didn't include likes.) His number of retweets remained similar to before the purchase, but he's tweeted and replied far more. 

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Here's how the numbers break down:

  • Tweets: Musk tweeted 65 times from October 6 through October 26; 105 times from October 27 through November 16.
  • Replies: He replied to other accounts 228 times before the purchase; 369 times after.
  • Retweets: His retweets increased only slightly: 23 before and 28 since.
  • Overall: In total, he made 316 total Twitter actions in the three weeks before the purchase; 502 total actions since.

There could be some human error in the counting, and Musk has a tendency to delete some tweets. Still, the numbers clearly show that Musk replies more than he tweets, both before and especially after the purchase. His total replies since the purchase even exceeded his total Twitter actions from before.

But while he's been replying even more since the acquisition, the share of replies is consistent. 72% of his total Twitter actions in the three weeks before the purchase were replies, compared to 73.5% since.

On average, Musk made a Twitter action just over 15 times a day on average in the weeks leading up to his purchase of the company. Since then, that's climbed to 23.9 times a day — or once an hour, on average.

Musk's been heavily active on Twitter while also trying to run it: he quickly fired several top execs, including the CEO, and has temporarily installed himself as the chief exec. He's also posted Twitter polls and replied to some users' ideas or recommendations for the platform — and responded to critics too.

Musk has said that he is working and sleeping at Twitter's HQ until the "org is fixed" (that tweet has since been deleted).

He's expected a similarly demanding work routine for staffers. Soon after buying Twitter, he reportedly told some staff to work 12-hour shifts seven days a week.

All this comes at a time when he's also running other companies, like Tesla and SpaceX; found time to attend Heidi Klum's Halloween party; and is being sued by a Tesla shareholder over his $50 billion pay package, claiming it's unreasonable, the trial for which started this week.

The lawsuit alleges that the package has allowed Musk to divert his attention away from Tesla and focus on other companies. Tesla has argued the package is fair because Musk has raised Tesla's value, and that it demands his focus on the company.

Through all this, Musk has continued tweeting, emphasizing what the the data makes clear: He loves to do it.

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