Elon Musk looking at his iPhone .JPG
Tesla CEO Elon Musk looks at his mobile phone.
Joe Skipper/Reuters
  • 37% of Americans surveyed have made personal investments based on tweets from Elon musk at least once.
  • In all, 70% of the Americans surveyed believe Elon Musk is a «genius,» while 12% think he is a «jerk» or a «freak.»
  • The survey by Piplsay was conducted in the US from February 6 to 8, 2021 receiving 30,400 online responses.
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A recent survey of 30,400 Americans revealed that 37% have made personal investments based on the tweets of Elon musk at least once. Of those, 16% admit investing many times based on the Tesla CEO’s tweets.

The survey by Piplsay, conducted across the US from February 6-8, aimed to assess what most Americans think of the billionaire entrepreneur. Musk has been a vocal presence on Twitter, posting his opinions on everything from dogecoin to GameStop.

Nearly half of Americans surveyed found his market-moving tweets «quite amusing.» Around a quarter surveyed were uncertain, while 29% were not amused at all.

70% of all respondents said they believe Musk is a «genius,» while 12% think he is a «jerk» or a «freak.»

Nearly half said they admire Elon Musk’s vision for the future, while 35% «hate his arrogance.»

In August 2018, the billionaire founder got himself in trouble with the US Securities and Exchange Commission after tweeting about taking Tesla private, saying he had «funding secured.»

His tweets have also drawn the ire of fellow billionaire Bill Gross, who made an ill-timed bet against GameStop in January that caused him to lose as much as $15 million at one point.

«Musk is a little devil and he enjoys playing these games,» Gross said, referring to Musk’s tweet about GameStop on January 26. «He’s just a frisky guy and so I didn’t resent that, but it doubled the stock and that’s when I lost the most sleep – it was after Musk did that.»

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